Electricity Overview


The mandate of the Electricity Regulation is Economic Regulation of the electricity industry and is derived from the Electricity Regulation Act. The division has four departments that serve as a platform to achieve its mandate.
Licensing and Compliance Department


  • Issues licences with terms and conditions for: generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
  • Import/export of electricity
  • Traders in electricity
  • Registers those who provide the above services but do not need to be licensed
  • Monitors compliance with licence terms and conditions by licensees


Pricing and Tariffs
  • Economic regulation of the electricity supply industry
  • Setting of tariff guidelines and structure
  • Tariff methodologies (eg.:Rate of Return, Multi Year Price Determination)
  • Evaluates tariff applications from licensees
  • Pricing frameworks
Electricity Infrastructure Planning
  • Planning for the country’s future electricity demand/needs (National Integrated Resource Plan)
  • Promoting alternative electricity generation technologies eg. Renewable Energy, Cogeneration
  • Promoting demand side management and energy efficiency initiatives
Regulatory Reform
  • Design of the regulatory framework for the restructured Electricity Distribution Industry, i.e. the introduction of Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs)
  • Research and development of the Electricity Distribution Industry
  • International trading framework