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NERSA Explanatory note - Revised Timelines for Eskom's Regulatory Clearing Accounts
Invitation for public comments on Eskom’s third Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD3) Regulatory Clearing Account (RCA) Year 2 (2014/15), Year 3 (2015/16) and Year 4 (2016/17) applications and indicative timelines for the determination process

Consultation paper on the Discount Rate Methodology for Licensed Electricity Distributors
Consultation Paper on the Framework for the Cost of Unserved Energy (COUE) for Licensed Electricity Distributors
 NERSA explanatory note on Eskom's revenue applicaiton for 2018/19 

 NERSA Explanatory Note on the deviation on MYPD Methodology and MIRTA requirements

 Eskom's application on Critical Peak Day application
Invitation for public comments on the revision of the Multi Year Price Determination (MYPD) methodology

Notice to Electricity Supply Industry Stakeholders on Small Scale Embedded Generation: Regulatory Rules
Invitation for public comments on Eskom’s Notified Maximum Demand (NMD) review the incorporation of Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) rules
        •NERSA Explanatory Note on NMD review and incorporation of the MEC rules
        •NERSA submission document
        •NMD MEC rules

Eskom's Selective Reopener of MYPD3 application for OCGT and STPPP and impact of increase in Environmental Levy 

Self Dispatch Regime for Renewable IPPs November 2013

Eskom Submission to NERSA for Genflex Tariff and Incorporation of the Maximum Export Capacity into Notified Maximum Demand Rules