Electricity > Overview
The mandate of the Electricity Regulation is Economic Regulation of the electricity industry and is derived from the Electricity Regulation Act.
The division has four departments that serve as a platform to achieve its mandate.
 Licensing and Compliance Department
  • Issues licences with terms and conditions for:
    • generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
    • Import/export of electricity
    • Traders in electricity
  • Registers those who provide the above services but do not need to be licensed
  • Monitors compliance with licence terms and conditions by licensees

Pricing and Tariffs

  • Economic regulation of the electricity supply industry
    • Setting of tariff guidelines and structure
    • tariff methodologies (eg.:Rate of Return, Multi Year Price Determination)
    • evaluates tariff applications from licensees
    • pricing frameworks

 Electricity Infrastructure Planning

  • planning for the country’s future electricity demand/needs (National Integrated Resource Plan)
  • promoting alternative electricity generation technologies eg. Renewable Energy, Cogeneration
  • promoting demand side management and energy efficiency initiatives

Regulatory Reform

  • design of the regulatory framework for the restructured Electricity Distribution Industry, ie the introduction of Regional Electricity Distributors (REDs)
  • research and development of the Electricity Distribution Industry
  • international trading framework